Frequently asked questions:

  • Do you do piercings?

No, we send piercing customers or Planet 3 (click here for their website) or Coven Piercing (click here for their website)

  • How much does a tattoo cost?

Our shop minimum is $80, so nothing is EVER less than that. We charge $165-$200 per hour of tattoo time, depending on the artist. We do not charge for drawing/stencil placement. We do not charge for reasonable breaks like snacks, bathroom, etc. However, if you are not sitting still, requesting frequent "pain" breaks, or are distracted by friends/family who have accompanied you, you could cause the process to take longer than is absolutely necessary, and this could add to the cost of your tattoo.

The larger a piece is, the harder it is for us to estimate the cost of it. Often times, for larger pieces, clients will set up a session that works for their budget, and just work in sessions of 2-5 hours until the tattoo is complete. For estimates on smaller tattoos, stop by the shop, or e-mail us directly at We will always do our best to give a ballpark estimate when possible. We do not give exact price quotes.

  • Do I need an appointment?

We take walk-ins any time that we can, but we are often full with appointments, so we can't promise that we will be able to get you in without an appointment. The smaller/simpler a tattoo is, the easier it is for  us to squeeze in. 

Walk-ins are first come, first served and you can always call or text us to get an idea of what our schedule looks like. 

  • How do I set up an appointment?

See our "Appointment Information and Policies" section (click here)

  • Does it hurt?


Every person is different and every tattoo is different. It is not possible for us to predict or explain the level of discomfort that you may experience. 

As a GENERAL rule, I tell people that it is painful, but not so painful that you instinctually pull away from the machine/application. Most people say it is annoying more than painful and the more calm you are, the less it usually hurts.

  • What should I get?

Whatever you want! We will be honest with you about what will or will not work as a tattoo, but as far as personal opinion goes, you are the only one who knows what you really want. Keep in mind that just because you've seen a photo of a tattoo, that does not mean that it is going to hold up well, is a safe idea, or is even a real tattoo. 

  • How do I take care of it?

Each of our artists have different specifics to their suggested aftercare, but you can follow some general rules for healing tattoos:

Wash it! Keep it clean by washing it frequently with clean, running water, and liquid hand soap (like Dial or Softsoap)

If it needs moisture, wash it well, pat it dry with a clean paper towel, and apply a thin layer of either plain, white, fragrance-free lotion, or our Griffin aftercare salve. Always wash  your tattoo before applying a moisturizer. 

Stay out of the sun, away from the beach, out of the pool/hot tub or bath, away from the gym, and away from activities or areas that may increase the risk of infection. 

Don't touch it! It's tempting, but don't do it. If you're tough enough to sit through a tattoo, you're strong enough to not touch or pick at your tattoo. Don't let other people touch it either. 

If any health concerns arise or you feel like you have an infection, call your physician right away.