Walk Ins and Small tAttoos

For walk-in pieces: We take walk-ins whenever we have time available. While our appointment schedule books out weeks or months in advance, we OFTEN have last minute cancellations, or finish projects early, leaving time for our artists to do walk-in tattoos. For walk-in tattoos, PLEASE HAVE YOUR IDEA(S) READY. You don't need to have the artwork done, but you will have a much better chance at getting in if you have a concrete idea of what you want and where you want to put it. We apply walk-in tattoos based on the best use of the time we have available. If we can't get you in right away, we will take your information so that we can call you if and when time opens up on that same day. You can also call or text 912.234.6505 to get on our walk-ins list.

for large or custom projects:

For large/custom pieces: review our portfolios, chose the artist who's style you feel best suits your desired aesthetic, and fill out the Tattoo Request Form below.  If your request is approved, a staff member will reach out to you to set up a consultation with your artist. At your consultation, your artist will discuss your ideas, timeline, and pricing with you. Before you set up your tattoo appointment, or an art check, we will take a non-refundable deposit, which goes toward the cost of your tattoo. For very large pieces, we may set up multiple appointments so that you are not having to wait many months between your tattoo sessions. Please keep in mind that not all of our artists do art checks, and some of our artists are booking several months out. Also, filling out a request form does NOT guarantee you a spot on our schedule or on a wait list.


Our shop minimum is $80, so nothing is ever less than that. For large pieces, we charge $165 to $200/hr depending on the artist. For estimates on small pieces, you can text us photos at 912.234.6505. Please keep in mind that we do NOT give price quotes, we can only guess the price until you meet with your artist directly, and we will not give estimates on pieces larger than 6” by 6”, but your artist may be able to give you a ballpark price on pieces larger than that.

The submission form below is not for price estimates.

Tattoo Request Form

important: hitting the “return” or “enter” key will automatically submit your form!

Name *
While you can only select one from this list, we may present your request to other artists within our shop.
Include the subject matter, the location on your body, approximate size, style, and if you want black and grey, color, linear black, or other color options.
Deposits range from $80-$500 depending on the size the tattoo, the amount of drawing involved, and the amount of time booked on the schedule.

important information! read this or you could lose your deposit! i’m serious!

you must be on time or early

Give yourself more time than you think you'll need to get here and park. Traffic and parking downtown is a nightmare and gets worse every day. If you are late AT ALL, you lose your appointment slot AND your deposit. If you encounter problems and are running late, call us. If you are late because you're still looking for parking, I don't care-you're still late.


If you come in and have had ANY alcohol or drugs, you will NOT get tattooed. If you have an appointment and you arrive after having alcohol or drugs, you will lose your deposit and your time slot. If we start your tattoo and it becomes apparent that you have had alcohol or drugs prior to your appointment, we will STOP your tattoo and you will leave with an unfinished tattoo. If you return from a break having consumed alcohol or drugs, we will STOP your tattoo and ask you to leave.

you must always bring a non-expired, government-issued, photo id that we can make a copy of

like a driver's license, or a passport. No ID, no tattoo.

No kids/babies allowed for any amount of time for any reason

Deposit/Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy:

We take a deposit for any and all tattoo appointments and art consultations. There is no charge for an initial consultation. Deposits range anywhere from $80-$500, are NON-REFUNDABLE, and can be taken in person or over the phone. To cancel or reschedule an appointment we MUST have a 48-hour notice or your original deposit is forfeited and a new deposit, double that of the first deposit, must be taken in order to set up another appointment. If you reschedule an appointment more than twice, even with 48 hours notice, you will be required to pay up front, in full, for your next appointment, or you may be put on a cancellation list with your artist. 

Questions? Feel free to call and ask for more details! 912.234.6505

or check out our FAQ page by clicking here